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Having a bunkie at the Muskoka Cottage is becoming as common as having a spare bedroom, although much more exciting for guests to stay in! This bunkie was an existing building on the property, which Fitzmaurice Brothers Muskoka Builders transformed into a fresh building with all new amenities of plumbing, heating and electrical.
With a proper foundation, the old floor was replaced by reclaimed engineered hardwood flooring, with random widths for interest. Walls were cladded with painted MDF and the ceilings are white washed pine v-joint. Intricacy was created with the hand hewed timbers, displaying a fan design and continuing the shabby chic style. The bath contains luxurious marble flooring which extends up into the shower, complete with double shower heads and glass enclosure. New windows and doors allow the natural light to fill the space. Rebuilt decks and glass railings complete the exterior and do not disturb the ever important Muskoka view.