Choosing the right Muskoka builder

Why you should choose Muskoka’s Fitzmaurice Bros. Carpentry


Building or renovating requires the organization of many professionals and many decisions to be made. With Fitzmaurice Brothers, we are your one and only contact. Our customers are able to create a relationship with one of our owners and the security of knowing we will take care of all aspects of your project. In addition to being committed to our customers, we are also committed to doing it right. That includes everything from proper building to code, to insurance and health and safety for our employees that keep everyone safe on the job.


Designing and building your home or cottage is an exciting experience! One of the joys is seeing the project come to life, while it’s being constructed. This can sometimes be difficult when the location of the project is too far away to visit on a regular basis. We keep communication lines open throughout the project either by phone, email or text. We can also send progress pictures and updates so you, the customer, can see your creation come to life from breaking ground, right through to completion.


Our team consists of the best carpenters in the business! We proudly employ many seasoned carpenters who have overwhelming experience and knowledge in building. These tradesmen are then able to pass their knowledge on to others. We also support our newer carpenters in apprenticeship programs to build their knowledge and skills. In addition, our employees are trained in health and safety on a yearly basis. We also ensure proper training in use of equipment such as chain saws, propane and fall arrest.


As seasoned builders, we know cost is a major factor when constructing your home or cottage.  We can provide our clients with additional reports, such as a cost tracker to keep things on budget and to keep the client aware of each dollar spent. We also invoice every 2 weeks ensuring our customers are aware of the current position of their account.


We know the importance of listening to our clients. Building situations change and clients minds change. As changes occur during a build, we work with the customer to keep any additional charges to a minimum and strive to meet the desired end goal together.